Connect with some really talented folks that I approve of…

Art & Design

Phil Bergren  Graphic Designer Extraordinaire

Tommy O’Brien  Print Maker / Heart Breaker


Audio / Video

Multi Track Chicago  Mickey T. Craft  Recording Specialist



Johnny Murder & the 25 to Life CHICAGO PSYCHOBILLY


Hair & Make Up

Karen Marie Salon  Styling, MakeUp, Color, Extentions

Hairspray Revolution  Suzy Galazka  Hair Styling & Makeup

Cosmetic Enhancements Clinic  Wanda Enoch  Permanent Makeup

Trish Star Hair & Makeup  Trish Star  Hair Styling & Makeup


Neat Stuff

2 Bullies Collars Pet Collars

Reuse First Great Products Made with Reused Materials



DMHPhotoGirl Danielle Hardy

Simonek Photo Leah Simonek  Weddings, Animals & Life Altering Events


Screen Printing

Billions  Susie Fischer

Rival Print



Crystal Martinez  The Burnt Tiger

Ryan Flaherty  Insight Studios